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Italy's Women's about their preparation for ISBHF World Championships in St. John´s:

Ms. Linda Spina [Vice President] from INBHF national women´s team did the following interview:

    1. At what stage of preparation is your team with regards to next year’s the world championships in St. John’s?
The Women are preparing for tune up games against top quality club teams. In addition, dry land training and team cohesion are being emphasized. These are some things that help close the gap on some of the more experienced teams.
    2. How will the preparation continue in the next months?
The focus for the next few months will be on finalizing the roster and solidifying our staff .
    3. Can you already tell the names of some players of your team?
Forward - Anna Lisa Romano, Lisa Carnovale
Defence – Flora Pannuzio. Luisa Fioccola
    4. What are the expectations you have for St. John's?
This will be our first ever Women’s National team participating at an International event so I think having said that the reality is we’d like to put up a good showing throughout the tournament.
    5. Who will become world champion 2013, and why?
Canada, as host nation they will have the upper hand on the competition.


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