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Mr. Chris Banks, GM and Head Coach of Team USA did the following interview on preparation of the team with regards to upcoming 2013 ISBHF World Championships in St. John´s, Canada.

USA about their preparation for ISBHF World Championships in St. John´s:

    1. At what stage of preparation is your team with regards to next year’s the world championships in St. John’s?
At this stage, the building of the team and and it's infrastructure is complete. We have turned our attention to fundraising and logistics at this point.
    2. How will the preparation continue in the next months?
Our roster is made up of players from several different geographical regions is the United States. Leaders within those regions are overseeing fundraising efforts and physical conditioning. We run a very tight ship and expectation levels are high in terms of physical conditioning.
    3. Can you already tell the names of some players of your team?
I can tell you every player's name on the team.
    4. What are the expectations you have for St. John's?
I expect to be well received by the people in St. John's. I am a resident of Buffalo, NY and I know Canadian people well. In my experience, Canadian people are a very respectful, kind and classy society. I am looking forward to good food, good hockey, friendly people and good weather (I hope). I am also looking forward to seeing some of the countryside. I hear St. John's is absolutely beautiful.
    5. Who will become world champion 2013, and why?
The United States will win it's first Men's Gold Medal in St. John's. Some go there to participate and some go to win. We are going there to win. If I didn't believe in the team that has been assembled, I should stay home and watch the games on the internet. That said, if we are fortunate enough to win a Gold, we will have won a war in doing so. The teams in this tournament are fantastic. We have a mountain to climb.


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