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Italy's Men's team about their preparation for ISBHF World Championships in St. John´s:

Mr. CLAUDIO ROMANO [GENERAL MANAGER] from INBHF national men´s team did the following interview:

    1. At what stage of preparation is your team with regards to next year’s the world championships in St. John’s?
As it stands we are selecting the balance of our roster as well as finalizing travel plans and accommodations for our group.
    2. How will the preparation continue in the next months?
In the coming months we will look to schedule some international friendlies as well as games against top club teams. We feel this will enhance our preparations tremendously.
    3. Can you already tell the names of some players of your team?
We have solidified a few key positions. Veteran goaltender John Dinardo, Defencemen: Anthony Contento & Emile Ferlisi & Forwards Danny Vero, Vito Tomasicchio.
    4. What are the expectations you have for St. John's?
As we are first time competitors to in the event since the revival of our national program we feel a good showing would be to compete for a B pool medal. If we challenge for a medal I think everyone involved will be thrilled.
    5. Who will become world champion 2013, and why?
Czech Republic. Their preparation, determination and skill level are unmatched.


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